Emin Bugra Saral - Integrating your Django app with Amazon S3

July 1, 2018, 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Amazon S3 file storage is getting more essential for many Django applications everyday. While it’s very easy to use, what are the tricks behind it to make your development time better? How to set permissions? How to upload your files to Amazon S3 on the backend? And more with real life cases.

Working with public Amazon S3 buckets is quite easy, but what about private buckets? What about the sweetness of bucket permissions? While we will dive into the details of managing S3 buckets for your Django app, we will face real life cases like triggering a Django endpoint when there is an activity on your bucket and using S3 as a storage backend on Django. What will happen if your client desires a static IP for Amazon S3 because of their firewall? What if your clients do not want their link to be public? And, we will do many of these by using boto3, the official AWS Python SDK.

Emin Bugra Saral

A computer engineer who is passionate about computer science, took several management and marketing courses in Bordeaux Management School (France) in order to be a better manager in future. Experienced with Python and its wife Django for more than five years and still working on it. Worked as a lead mobile engineer in a Silicon Valley startup called MovieLala, then moved to Munich. Has always been eager to try different stacks of the technology while focusing on simplicity. Currently working as the lead software engineer of 3megawatt GmbH, building asset management software for the Solar Energy industry - runs on Python/Django couple.

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