Building lightning-fast sites for the mobile web

June 30, 2018, noon - 1:00 p.m.

Mobile traffic is consistently increasing its lead over desktop every year, but few websites provide their mobile audience with an enjoyable experience. Especially in eCommerce, this translates directly into bounced users, missed conversions and lost revenue.

Enter the open-source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project created by Google. Its ability to deliver near-instantly accessible content on mobile devices has proven a valuable addition to news websites, engaging users and thus driving revenue. It seems sensible to implement AMP in online shops and the web at large as well, but nothing comes for free.

Together we will take a close look at AMP’s current offerings and drawbacks, as well as upcoming changes and updates coming to the AMP library. Focusing on performance gain, ease of implementation and maintenance costs as key criteria, we will discuss benefits, pitfalls and overall suitability of AMP for the mobile web.

Sven Decker

After spending some quality time in the trenches of legacy software, Sven currently leads a team of full-stack developers, designers and UX specialists at the German eCommerce company He takes great pride in providing an ever-improving online shopping experience for the up to 19 million visitors currently heading to each month.

Most of his time is spent improving, expanding and scaling the platform, while aggressively searching out new exiting tech to make customers happier and his work easier.

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